America is Manasseh

By John Lovell


The mills of God grind slowly but they grind exceedingly sure. God gave Israel a world commission down through the ages, to break every yoke and lift every burden. But the Arnerican or the United States section of Israel broke this law of God by placing yokes on negro men and women and making them slaves. With what result?

When the tribe of Manasseh, USA., were in Canaan, they were in two parts, as divided by Joshua: east of the Jordan and west of the Jordan. It is coincident that, when they were in America, 2500 years later, the Mason-Dixon line divided them again into two parts, North and South.

God raised up Moses to unite and lead the united tribes of Israel out of bondage in Egypt. So again He raised up Abraham Lincoln, man of God, born of Puritan stock from Britain, the great leader of Manasseh to establish peace between the two sections.

When the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh, were playing around the public square and Temple of On in the Egyptian city of Memphis they saw the great Pyramid. In the public square in front of the temple stood two obelisks - and there are no other two in the world, like them today. Does it not seem strange that one of these obelisks, several thousand years later, should find its way from Egypt to America; and should be set up in our largest city? This Egyptian obelisk is of rose-red granite and was presented to the City of New York by Ishmael, Khedive of Egypt, in 1877. It was erected in Central Park in 1881, where it stands today, pointing skyward as a wayrnark to all America of the place of origin of our forefather Manasseh, and the starting place of our world-wide wanderings since we left Egypt under Moses. England has the other obelisk.

When America won her Independence they put on their Great Seal the great Pyramid of Gizeh with its capstone missing. This seal (see below) was adopted by Congress June 20, 1782. But Manasseh means 'forgetfulness' and the seal was not used until recently.

Our Pilgrim Forefathers were a God-fearing body of men. 'They entered into covenant to walk with God and with one another, in the enjoyment of the Ordinances of God,' according to the Word of God. But finding by experience they could not peaceably enjoy their own liberty in their native country they came to America.

The 'Mayflower' had a rough passage, encountering many gales, but they made land November 9-16, 1620, at Cape Cod. The crew refused to sail down the coast in the teeth of the gales, and the Pilgrims had to land and stay in Massachusetts though their patent was only for Virginia. Had they landed on any other section of the coast than where they did, they could not have survived the winter and the Indians. A plague had struck this section of country two years before and wiped out the Indians, but left in a cave some Indian corn, which the Pilgrims used for seed for the season 1621, as they brought none from England.

In 1621 they secured a patent, granted by the British Council, for New England (the new bull or Engle land). Israel was to settle the coasts and drive the heathen before them. You can see that the heathen were driven out by the plague and the way made possible for them to build homes and become installed peacefully.

As early as 1623 these English-men kept days for fasting, humiliation, and prayer and in 1637 passed an ordinance: 'That it be in the power of the governor to command solemn days of humiliation and prayer,' and their American descendants have eaten the November turkey and cranberry, with or without humiliation and prayer and in many cases have forgotten what their predecessors knew in their souls, namely, that God had been and still was looking after them and 'prospering their undertakings,' as our Great Seal of State with its all-seeing eye declares.

Our Pilgrim forefathers kept the Sabbath as did the British from whom they sprang and the Anglo-Saxons are the nations, and the only nations, who do keep it, by the law of the land as well as by observance of doing no work, etc. At the Paris Exposition in 1889 every nation had their exhibits wide open on the Sabbath but Great Britain and the United States. They closed their sections each Saturday and did not open them until Monday morning.

Israel was to keep the Sabbaths throughout Israel's generations and 'twas a sign between Him and us as to who we are. Every Sabbath of the year the Protestant Episcopal Churches in America repeat frorn their prayer-book the Benediction or Jubilate Deo.

Luke 1:68-75: 'Blessed be the Lord God of Israel;  for he hath visited and redeemed his people; And hath raised up a mighty salvation for us: in the house of his servant, David; As he spake by the mouth of His Holy Prophets: which have been since the world began; That we should be saved from our enemies and from the hand of all that hate us. To perform the mercy promised to our forefathers: and to remember his covenant; To perform the oath which he sware to our forefathers: Abraham; that he would give us; That we being delivered out of the hand of our enemies: might serve him without fear, In holiness and righteousness before him: all the days of our life.'

If this Book of Common Prayer means what it says - why say we will be saved from all our enemies, which was promised only to Israel - if we are not Israel?

Who have been the people to carry the light, God's laws and commandments and light to the Gentiles, and to the ends of the earth? God's servants, Israel, were to do it. The Anglo-Saxons alone have done it, therefore the Anglo-Saxons are Israel. They have a divine commission and the specifications are interwoven throughout both the Old and New Testaments, that the wise who search the Scriptures may understand. Had the Anglo-Saxons made the job of searching the Scriptures as they were instructed to do, they would be wise on how to deal with all the problems that now afflict the world.

America's stand will be decisive in more ways than one. It is up to us! We have the wealth of the mine, and the forest, the sea, and the fertile earth at our command and we will have to give account of our stewardship; because God has given us His plan to work to, which covers all the details we would require during our life time. It shows how we are to invest and how to spend the talents - golden talents - He put in our way.

The kingdom will be right here on earth. In that day how many of us will wish we had spent the time in clothing the naked and feeding the poor - while our profiteers are getting rich on starving the people?

The church can see the prophecies about Judah and the Jew coming true , but when you ask them, about the Kingdom, Israel, who were ten times as many, where they are, they say, 'Israel is God's church!' Has God's church been the Creator's battle-axe and weapons of war with which He was to smash nations? If so, what nations has the church smashed? Does the church possess the 'gate of his enemies?' If so, what gate? What enemy and where? Has God's church become a nation, a great nation, and a company of nations?

The church sees the Cross of Christ but fails to see that He left His Kingdom on earth to His ten servants, the Ten Tribes of Israel, 'my chosen,' 'my dispersed,' 'my outcasts,' 'my people Israel,' who were to 'occupy' until He comes as foretold by Jesus in Luke 19:11-13.

Therefore, America, let us wake up to our identity, mission, purpose and destiny; return to God's Law and acknowledge Him as our King.


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