Danish Justice Minister fulfills Israel’s words about Dan


Denmark has a very righteous judicial system, and does not use bans as much as many of the countries on the European continent. That’s because the Hebrew name Dan means judge. For example: Judges are more righteous than advocates, which are partial in a court of law.

Israel’s words about Dan are fulfilled

On 4 March, 2009, Denmark’s Conservative Justice Minister Brian Mikkelsen announced a series of bills which should limit the ongoing gang war over the drug market between a motorcycle gang and immigrant gangs, and also crime in general. This was a fulfillment of the words which the patriarch Israel said about Dan:

”Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward. I have waited for thy salvation, O LORD.” (Genesis 49:16-18)

The background for these bills was that there had been numerous shoot-outs in Copenhagen between competing criminal gangs over the control of the drug market. Many Danes had become scared and shocked and demanded that the politicians did something.

The gangs must be ”bitten in the hollow of the knee”

On behalf of the Danish government, Brian Mikkelsen therefore introduced the ”gang bill”, where he said:

”The motorcycle gangs and the immigrant gangs must not be allowed to have a moment of rest. The police have to bite them in the hollow of the knee.” (See here.)

The gangs are going to be bitten in the hollow of the knee by getting twice as long sentences for violence and possession of weapons in connection with the gang war. The gangs are, in other words, going to be attacked indirectly.

Later both the Justice Minister and police officials have on several occasions used the expression that they are going to ”bite the gangs in the hollow of the knee” by using the so-called ”Al Capone Model” against the gangs, by getting the gangs convicted for their economic crimes. This model is named after the gangster Al Capone whom the American police couldn’t get convicted for any particular violent crime, but instead ended being convicted for tax fraud. Thus the American police ”bit his horse in the heels so that his rider fell backward”.

The gangs are probably not going to be completely stopped through Al Capone models, social prevention and other ”soft” attacks by the authorities, but they might very well be set so much back that – figuratively speaking – ”their horse will be bitten in its heels so that his rider falls backward”.


Mikkel Stjernholm Kragh

September 2009


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